michelel72 (michelel72) wrote,

The Katrina prediction, in review

I don't know whether it's legitimate pride in the accuracy of their prediction or base exploitation. Certainly it could be both. Anyway: The Weather Channel is currently advertising a new installment of their "Storm Stories" series:

It Could Happen Tomorrow - Katrina: The Lost Episode
Sunday June 4 at 9:00PM ET/PT
In April 2005, The Weather Channel completed a show predicting that a major hurricane would soon hit New Orleans, scientists and meteorologists had predicted the possibility. In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit and the program never aired, until now. Can New Orleans survive another hit?

(Description quoted from the show page, which seems to need a copyeditor if this blurb is any example.)

I don't know if I'll watch it myself, but I mention it for those who might be interested (ninjanurse in particular).

Meanwhile, they're still finding bodies in New Orleans.

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