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No Resort

So I was vaguely thinking of getting back into the habit of posting, y'know, ever, and I was thinking that as part of that I should ask if anyone else is watching Last Resort. The premise held no interest for me at all until I noticed Andre Braugher was attached, but he's almost always a reason for me to check out a show, so I did.

And I was thrilled. Plots and scenarios were realistic! I don't know all that much about actual life in the military nor on a submarine, but each detail seemed at least plausible! Character motivations were reasonable! People who were supposed to be intelligent actually acted intelligently! There's only been one story that started with *shock scene!* *period of time earlier ...* (which is the runaway winner for "most overused storytelling device of the year" for every year this millenium), and for that story, that structure actually made in-narrative sense! Interesting character combinations in varying scenes, tension and plotting that wasn't artificial, nifty contrasting scenes ... good stuff. And because I can't say it enough, intelligence.

I should have known ABC couldn't allow that to exist. Cancelled. The 13 originally ordered episodes will apparently air, though the schedule is apparently not yet fully set, and ABC won't even release the rights for another station to pick the show up, because they don't even know if they have anything else workable for the (dreadful) timeslot in the pipeline.

Dammit, why can't we have nice things?!

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