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Fairly random TV update

For no particular reason, I offer you an update on the shows I'm currently watching.

Elementary: At first, I just didn't get it. Couldn't figure out who the characters were, as characters, or why I should care. Was annoyed by the inane "deductions". (Needing two alarms means you hate your job? No. An unlevel floor in the northeastern US automatically means the weight of a panic room? LOLno.) I kept meaning to drop the show, but I was always behind, and I might as well watch what was already on the DVR, right?

And then -- I can't say when, exactly -- I started kind of enjoying it. (The moment might well have been when Sherlock produced your bog-standard cop-procedural-show judgment of a putative bomb-maker, and Joan promptly refuted his claim by noting out that "Ted Kaczynski looked like a hobo puked another hobo." And he acknowledged she'd made a good point.) I started, slowly, to care what decisions the characters made and to root for their (non-sexual -- what?! -- yeah!) relationships.

I don't know if the show started rocky and got better or if I just eventually caught on to its existing rhythms, but I really like it now. The two leads are both strong-willed yet willing to bend when needed; they're more than willing to snark at one another as required. Gregson and Bell are actually allowed to have brains of their own. The general tone is enjoyably quirky without crossing into Wonderfalls-esque Look Ma I'm Quirky!!! territory.

Good show.

Doctor Who: After the first half of the current season, I was on the verge of dropping the show entirely. It brought me no joy whatsoever and a whole lot of frustration, which was particularly grating in contrast to my former love (with full awareness of its flaws). Clara, though -- oh, I quite like Clara. I don't trust Moffat to write a coherent explanation of her, but at least I know that much going in. (A great way to annoy me is to imply an intelligible or internally consistent resolution I'll never actually get; Moffat seems to delight in exactly that.) I had real trouble with the first episode of this second half-season until the story moved away from the main character (which is never, ever a good sign!), and if I never again hear a repeated phrase in a television show it will frankly still be years too soon, but ... Clara. Clara!

Female characters don't often get to be smug; it's a trait that's ordinarily only criticized, even if male characters get away with it all the time. I'm delighted to see a case in which a female character is smug, and she's justified in being smug, and the character/actress makes the smugness endearing. The actress has magnificent charisma, and I hope to see her in many more things.

I haven't yet seen tonight's episode, but I'm cautiously hopeful. So in conclusion: Clara! \o/

Others: Once upon a Time is entertaining enough to keep me coming back. I'm not super-fannish about Criminal Minds anymore, but I really like Alex Blake. (This is how you bring in a new female profiler!) Castle seems to have managed the change from UST to canon-ship admirably and is still fun to watch. Orphan Black hasn't yet even reached the stuff that was in the pre-show trailers, but the first two episodes have definitely held my interest. Revolution, on the other hand ... I can't work up the interest to pick that up again yet, because I have to be in the right mood to enjoy laughing at something that's trying to be serious. And Princess Tutu was all kinds of fantastic.

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