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Getting lost, and losing a show

Before yesterday, I probably would have been vaguely amused by something like a phone app to find your car in a parking lot. Sure, it'd be useful for some people, but I don't tend to go many unfamiliar places. And it's not like I would manage to lose my car in the garage I've been parking in several times a week for FIFTEEN OF THE LAST SEVENTEEN YEARS or anything. Especially not in 10-degree (F) weather.


(The problem was that I was listening to a conference call as I parked that morning, and the confusion of disconnecting my phone from the car's hands-free system and getting into the building, all while following the technical conversation, meant that I wasn't paying nearly enough attention to where I'd parked. And apparently my key fob's "unlock" works just fine, but the "emergency horn" either doesn't work or has a trick to it.)
In random other news, I've dropped "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." I'd only seen three episodes and my DVR space was getting critical, so B and agreed that was the show on the block. I decided to check it out a little more alone, on the off chance it might have improved, but I couldn't get past the 15-minute mark of episode four. It was so ... the "adorably" inane "silliness" was just so forced. (When I mentioned something similar in passing to B, she was immediately reminded of the hands-waving ~Quirkyness! of "Wonderfalls", which drove us both up our respective trees, and yeah, that's fair.) I mean: The whole team is in a van*. Together. When leaving the van, action!guy notes quite pointedly they're to observe radio silence unless their lives are in danger. Glam!geek waits for him and Coulson to get into town and then radios to ask for a bathroom break and snacks. Who does that? Who waits to ask the "cute" and "quirky" nonsense until they have to break protocol to do it, when they could have asked BEFORE THE MENFOLK LEFT THE VAN? And then the very next sequence is a belabored Chekov's-gun-joke-setup payoff. Whatever. I didn't care about any of these people anyway. Show punted.

The news coverage of the New Jersey bridge closure scandal is frankly far more entertaining, anyway ....

(* I admit that giving the van the code name "short bus", in relation to their transport plane being "the bus", was pretty amusing, though.)
Apparently I wrote 14,336 words (possibly including some amount of notes/outlining) in 2013, 4700 of them in December. That's ... not nothing, at least.

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