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Beta reader wanted: Gen Iron Man fic

I wrote something, I wrote something, oh holy cats, I wrote something!

Not any one of the three fics I meant to be working on, not even the same fandom, but I don't even care!

Anyone out there up for giving feedback on a 6k Iron Man fic? If I don't get nibbles within a day or two, I'll just post, but I should let it sit that long anyway just so I can give it a fresh look before actually posting. And I would like to improve if there's something about it that can be fixed.

It's gen (background Tony/Pepper and Howard/Maria), set between IM2 and the Avengers movie, and it's about Howard and Tony's relationship, explored via handwavium. I'm not looking for SPaG (though always appreciated) so much as general story flow and, more importantly, character voice. Because, well, Tony Stark. I've never written him before, never even contemplated it, never thought I'd write anything at this rate that had nothing to do with SGA, so ... yeah. Another pair of eyes would be good.

And now I will go fall down, since I need to get up for work in about five hours. Blah. But still, I wrote something, whee!

And, since I'm a bit punchy, I will leave you -- under a cut, because I'm not quite that cruel -- a listing of quasi-Tumblr-style tags I will not use when I post to AO3. Imagine them strung together with commas to separate them, because I can't be bothered to format them readably that way at the moment. Enjoy!

Post-Iron Man 2
Tony Stark has daddy issues
Howard Stark has daddy issues
but not the same kind
Howard Stark's A+ parenting
but he means well
he's just broken
I mean you try designing the A-bomb and see how clean your hands feel
Alcohol as a coping mechanism
but no physical abuse
ignoring comics canon
because I feel like it
and also what even is that
I mean Arno Stark really
and Tony being adopted
not that there's anything wrong with that
moving on
wait where was I
oh right forget comics canon
movieverse canon
except some fanon too
from fanfic mostly
and headcanon
Marvel dating is whack
May 1970 to December 1991 is not 20 years
geez buy a calculator
or even a slide rule
UNIT looks linear next to these yobbos
okay not really
but still
sassy JARVIS
JARVIS is the best
canon-level magic
time travel
sort of
what is causality
isn't it ironic
Alanis-type irony

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