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I moved into my current house in 2004. I vaguely remember a calico cat that came around sometimes; even more vaguely, I remember something about her having kittens (under my stoop?) that someone across the street wanted to catch.

In the summer of 2006, she had kittens under my stoop again. I tried to catch them, messed it up so that she stole one away, and released the other to her. She hid them in a woodpile in the vacant lot next door for a week; then she brought them back. I caught them and brought all three inside; the rest is history.

She's been declining for a while. At her annual in December, or at the urgent visit for what looked like bloody eyes in February (it was actually some kind of purple pigment, still unexplained), I pointed out that she couldn't really sit down. Something was weird with her back legs. The vet suggested arthritis, age, general stiffness.

She worsened gradually, and then suddenly. Last week it was clear something was very wrong, and I took her to the vet on Saturday, thinking her thyroid was overacting. That, of all things, turned out fine; she was instead deep into kidney failure. They started talking the standard measures for that, which I've been through before, and issued a painkiller.

Monday night she ate fine, took the painkiller fine. That was the last time she accepted food. She dropped five ounces from Saturday to Tuesday, from 7lbs 2oz to 6lb 13oz. Given her condition, prognosis, demeanor, and refusal to eat, on consultation with the vet, I had her put to sleep this evening. I took the day off from work and spent it with her, letting her lie in the yard for several hours over the course of the day -- the only thing she still showed any active interest in doing.

She had a good last day.

Goodbye, Daisy. You were a good girl.

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