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AVG Fic: (You've Got to Get) A Good Heart (LJ comment base)

Title: (You've Got to Get) A Good Heart
Rating: FRT for violence, language
Wordcount: 27,500

Relationships: Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, Howard Stark/Maria Stark, Jarvis (Iron Man movies) & Tony Stark, Howard Stark & Tony Stark, Maria Stark & Tony Stark, Pepper Potts & Natasha Romanov
Timeline/Spoilers: This is set soon after "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and thus after "Iron Man 3". Expect spoilers for all movies to this point, particularly CATWS. As for "Avengers: Age of Ultron", I knew nothing whatsoever about it before writing this story. (The title made me hum "Age of Aquarius", if that tells you anything.) I still don't want to know anything until I actually see the movie itself, but I have now skimmed the summary at Wikipedia. This story wasn't going to fit with anything that could happen in "Ultron" anyway, given the givens, but in light of what's implied by that summary, one late scene here makes this story likely to be even more incompatible with it. So it goes.
Warnings: One violent scene. Possible triggers for loss-of-autonomy (along the lines of mind control). Canonical implied emotional neglect. If you have triggers related to domestic violence or emotional abuse, please proceed with caution or message me for details; neither is present here, but certain dynamics may be similar enough to be triggering.
Disclaimer/Policies: This is a work of fanfiction inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All feedback of any length, including constructive criticism, always welcome. Transformative/derivative/related works always welcome if credit is given. If my warnings for triggers/squick are inadequate, please let me know.
1. "What We Choose to Leave Behind" was written as a standalone and probably works better as one, but this story uses the same continuity, so I've put them in a series for convenience.

2. I know the series title is a little ridiculous. Hush. I also know the structure is a little off, but lacking a structure beta, I'm just rolling with it.

3. Story title is from the Cowboy Junkies song of the same name; the chapter titles are from within that song.

Summary/teaser: The Tesseract is not done with the Starks. Howard and Tony have each left important things unsaid. Good intentions are not always a defense, and Tony doesn't necessarily handle second chances with grace or tact.

This story is too long to post at Livejournal. Text is available At AO3 or at Dreamwidth
Tags: fanfic, fanfic:avg, fanfic:avg:wrinkles in time

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