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WtNV/Dresden Fic: Eager to Be What You Wanted (1/5)

Title: Eager to Be What You Wanted
Fandoms: Welcome to Night Vale; Dresden Files
Rating: As "General Audiences" as WtNV/Dresden can be
Wordcount: 7000 (Chapter 1)
Relationships: Cecil Palmer/Carlos Ramirez
Timeline/Spoilers: Potential spoilers for WtNV through episode 81, "After 3327"; and for Dresden Files through "Skin Game".
AO3 Tags: Crossover, Magic, Mad Science, Amnesia, Mind Manipulation, Handwaving
Warnings: I don't think any content warnings are relevant, but if loss of autonomy/mind-control sorts of things are triggers for you, please proceed with caution or message me for details.
Notes: This will probably be super confusing if you haven't read the (200k-word) inspiring work Love Is All You Need to Destroy Your Enemies, but I'm not the boss of you. You do what you want. Be advised there is much handwaving within, because I do what I want, too.
Status: This is a complete work, but the remaining chapters are still in beta. I'll post them as I get through editing.
Summary/Teaser: After too many absences, a poorly timed argument, and Valentine's Day, Carlos just wants Cecil to be happy.

Link to Work: Eager to Be What You Wanted

I don't really want to deal with the wordcount limits and formatting of DW/LJ, or the fic-scraping over at LJ, so I'm just posting to AO3 this time, but comments over here are entirely welcome.

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