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16 April 2016 @ 12:12 pm
WtNV/Dresden Fic: Eager to Be What You Wanted (4/5)  
Title: Eager to Be What You Wanted
Chapter: Four: Wednesday, February 17
Fandoms: Welcome to Night Vale; Dresden Files
Rating: As "General Audiences" as WtNV/Dresden can be
Wordcount: ~11,000 (Chapter 4)
Relationships: Cecil Palmer/Carlos Ramirez
Timeline/Spoilers: Potential spoilers for WtNV through episode 81, "After 3327"; and for Dresden Files through "Skin Game".
AO3 Tags: Crossover, Magic, Mad Science, Amnesia, Mind Manipulation, Handwaving
Warnings: I don't think any content warnings are relevant, but if loss of autonomy/mind-control sorts of things are triggers for you, please proceed with caution or message me for details.
Chapter Summary/Teaser: Darkest before the dawn. (Is that the dawn?)

Link to Chapter: Eager to Be What You Wanted

As previously noted, I'm just posting to AO3 this time, but comments over here are entirely welcome.

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