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TV alert: "Life on Mars"

I don't often find out about new programs before they air, so this is something of a departure for me. For a change, I actually paid attention to the content of an internet ad, and in that manner I became aware of a new series on BBC America: Life on Mars.

Premise: An average, modern Manchester police detective abruptly finds himself in 1973.

That's the sort of premise that could go any way at all, but I've had good experiences with BBC America shows. (Of course, the most pedestrian melodrama seems automatically better to me with a UK accent layered on top, so be advised.) It stars John Simm, previously of the striking miniseries State of Play.

I mention this partly because I know not everyone gets BBC America, so for those in that position who desperately want to see this show, I'm willing to throw the first few episodes on a tape (on request). I also mention this in case there's anyone else out there who is interested in the show and might later be interested in discussing it. And, you know, it could be really good.

As you were ....

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