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One mystery down, perhaps

This morning I was running late. Shocking, I know. While I was running about collecting stuff for work, I heard a voice coming from outside. I could tell there was a pickup in the street in front of my house, but I didn't think much about it.

I raced out and heard the guy in the truck, still sitting there, say something about "convicted felon" into his cell phone. Though I was a bit curious, late!, so I threw my backpack into the car, went to the foot of the driveway, kicked the paper closer to the house, and headed back over to the car. But the guy called out to me.

He wanted to ask me a question: Had I seen a brown and black and white cat?

I asked whether he meant a calico. When he agreed, I asked if he meant a full calico. (I've noticed a white cat with a few calico splashes lately.) We clarified that he meant a full calico that sometimes hung about my front steps and that had been pregnant.

In other words, apparently, Daisy.

He says her name is Cleo, for Cleopatra. He says she belonged to his girlfriend "before she moved out". He says she's about eight years old. He says at one point she and her daughter were both pregnant, so he had twelve kittens at that point. He says he's kept an eye on her, but he hasn't seen her in a few months, and "she" (the (ex-?)girlfriend?) wants to know if she's all right.

If he's right, he knew she was stuck living on the streets, that she wasn't spayed, that she was having litters of kittens. He wasn't surprised when I mentioned the FIV, and it sounded as if he already knew about it. He could see my point when I said my house is an indoor-cats-only house, and he added "especially around here", which means he knows about the traffic and the punks with the BB guns and he left her out there anyway.

I try to live according to specific spiritual principles; I try to be a "good" person. I try to hope and sometimes even work for the betterment of the world, including mankind. It's hard when I keep receiving yet new reasons to hate people.

I don't think he has any interest in taking Daisy away from me. If he wants to try? He can try to prove she's his. I have as evidence several hundred dollars of vet bills and a vet who thinks this cat is only about two years old. I can provide evidence that she stashed and probably even birthed her kittens on my property. I can prove I've cared for her. She had no collar, no chip, no evidence anyone had ever "owned" her. I'm not sure of the precise legalities, but I think I have the much stronger legal position, if it comes to that.

He said his name is Ray. He said he was glad he asked. I said that I was, too, and I suppose I am, because now I can be more sure I have improved her life. If Daisy is "Cleo", she's far better off with me than being vaguely overlooked by this ... undeserving primate.

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