February 13th, 2006


Interpretive juggling?

One man. Three balls. The Beatles. The "Must-See Finale".


(Source: Jon Carroll's Friday SFGate.com column at http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2006/02/10/DDGU9GJ51Q1.DTL .)

Juggling isn't ordinarily my thing, but I can appreciate this. Exhibitions of skill often do impress me, if I have enough context to appreciate how much skill is needed.

I just don't know what to call this. Juggle-synching?


1 Sci-fi noir detective parody (such as Gun, with Occasional Music)
(Up to 4 other surrealistic sci-fi novels, to taste)
1 "modern Nancy Drew" mystery movie on ABC Family (sorority subplot flavor)
1 episode "Whose Line Is It Anyway" (Ryan Stiles in Braveheart skit flavor)

Combine ingredients in brain; mix thoroughly.

Serve overheated:
He played the dames like bagpipes: He squeezed them hard, and what he heard wasn't pretty.