May 31st, 2006


The Dragonfly Hunter

The company for which I work has several offices (six now, I think). Every now and then I have to report to our MetroWest location, and today was such a day.

This building is six floors, and my group is on the fourth. For reasons of environment and exercise, I will generally take the stairs rather than the elevator, unless I'm late. I did so today even though I was late.

As I neared the first landing, between the first and second floors, I first turned my head slightly, leading into the turn, as you do. And then I flailed because there was something on me.

I quickly calmed down once I realized it was a dragonfly, but part of me was still in "get it off!" mode, so I waved at it until it left my shoulder and landed on the wall. I thought about trying to get it back outside, but I had no container with me and, well, I was late.

I got to my floor, signed in, found a container, went back down ... and found that the dragonfly had moved onto the light fixture on the back wall, a good ten or eleven feet from the floor.

I could conceive no way to get it to come down; I couldn't find anything to reach with.

And this was driving me crazyCollapse ).
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