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Habby dew year!

I wish there was some specific, unmistakable sign delineating the moment "perpetual sinus weirdness" turns into "full-on head cold".

I wish there was some specific way of telling exactly where and how one acquired the head cold.

I wish there was some way of recognizing that event in sufficient time to avoid it.

I wish I'd had the sense to call in sick as soon as I woke up rather than attempting to go into work and driving almost half a mile before having to pull off, turn around, and call in sick.

I wish I didn't have inescapable meetings over the next two days.

I wish sleeping all day didn't have me awake now, when I have to be at a morning meeting. I wish I could go back to bed without fear that doing so will just make the headache and sinus problems worse.

I wish I could just say, "All right! I get it! I'm sick!" and my head would stop with the stabbing pressure. I wish I didn't have the experience to know that "stabbing pressure" actually makes a sort of sense.

I wish I had more head-soothing drink options or at least liked hot coffee better (though this isn't as critical now that the mono-like sore throat has eased).

I wish I could have any faith that I'm dealing with the worst of it now, rather than only just starting to be miserable.

And while I'm at it ... I might as well I wish I had a few million dollars, too.

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