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18 January 2007 @ 04:28 pm
Pet saves family, part 9034  
I am such a sucker for "adopted pet saves family" stories:
A Clinton woman and her daughter reaped the benefits Tuesday when the cat they adopted from the Humane Society last year woke them in time to be rescued by firefighters from their burning home.

[...]"I told my daughter, 'See, you saved the cat and now the cat saved you,'" Behr said.

Meanwhile, while I don't love hearing about waste-of-oxygen humans dumping animals, I do like when there's a happy ending:
“I named him Simon and took him to a veterinarian where he was given his shots, wormed and all things necessary,” Sorensen says. “He was abused, the vet said; no wonder he is hand-shy. The vet says he would have died out in the cold, or would have been attacked by other animals. It was a miracle, for a dog lover like me, to have met the two guys by the fire in the park.”

[...] Simon, the rescued Chihuahua, is adapting well to his new home with Sorensen, his giant greyhound and cat. “The big dog tolerates him; they curl up together. I’m going to have Simon neutered this week. That may make it necessary for me to change his name to Simone.”
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zoward on January 24th, 2007 07:14 pm (UTC)
My mother-in-law
Something similar happened to my mother-in-law. In the wee hours her furnace malfunctioned, spewing carbon monoxide into the house. Her CO detector went off, but neither she nor my father-in-law woke up. Their adopted cat Stanley heard the alarm, went into their bedroom, and clawed my mother-in-law awake, saving all their lives.

Three days later, my mother-in-law and Stanley were on the front cover of the Nashua Telegraph, and a day after that they were on Channel 7 News with Frances Rivera, along with my wife and Ethan.

Here's the news story online.