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Eau de ... ewwww

The deer are apparently impatient enough that they can't wait to decapitate my tulips by neatly chomping the flower from the stem; they're trying to eat the leaves down to the ground. So I've gone ahead and pulled my secret weapons out of the garden shed. If I'm lucky, my yard now smells as though a ludicrously incontinent coyote did something unspeakable to great-grandma's wedding dress, just after we pulled it out of her musty old attic.

If I'm very lucky, I don't. Given the reaction of the cats, I'm doubtful.

If I'm very, very lucky, my peaches won't taste like the coyote just visited them as well. In retrospect, a wicking system is probably meant to have the wad of cotton wetted, not floating. Since I've only just thought of that, and these particular applicators have to be hung, so I had to put one right up against the trunk of the peach tree ... I'm not sure I'm hopeful.

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