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Eerie day

I had a zombie dream last night. I don't remember exactly what else happened in the dream, but I do remember that it was something I found incongruous even within the dream -- a zombie romantic comedy, maybe, or a zombie sitcom.

This morning, after my shower, I knocked a shampoo bottle over. I use a bath glove, and I drape it over a shampoo bottle to dry when I'm done, so when I knocked over the bottle, the glove fell to the floor of the shower. I looked down and saw that the glove was giving me a perfect sign language "I love you" -- thumb, index finger, and small finger fully extended; middle two fingers folded down into the palm. (I thought maybe it was giving me metal horns, but ninjamonkey73 tells me the thumb must be folded in for that.)

They feel like omens, but for what? That I'm about to meet the zombie of my dreams?

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