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My character, Jonathan, turns 40 today. That feels very strange. Particularly considering that the story I still haven't finished is set when he's 30. No, I don't think it's particularly useful that I'm personally splitting the difference at the moment.

Some assembly tasks can be solved by the "I am a scientist and can solve this with logic" approach. Others can be solved by the "I am about 20 pounds above my ideal weight and can solve this with the application of that extra weight upon this" approach. Assembling a cat "playpen" benefits from the first approach but really only yields to the second.

So one of my stray cats, the one I've been calling Birdkiller (based on keen observation of her personality and habits), has been hanging out on the deck more and more; today she came over to me at the door and frantically sought petting and food. She'll only eat soft food despite apparently being starving, but I was able to pick her up even, which shocked me. She's fluffy but tiny. My regular vet is willing to see her as a normal patient, but between dealing with her and assembling the cage and putting her in it and going to the vet shortly, I have a ton of away-from-work time to make up tonight. I've heard some people have a thing called "free time"; maybe some day I'll learn what that's like.

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