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Cat, resolved

So I have a new cat in my basement.

Blinded by the Light

I had named her Alice randomly, but I wasn't wild about the name. mabfan and vettecat kindly suggested alternatives (thanks, y'all), but in the end I just switched her name over to Sarah, which was what I originally meant to call Daisy. (For a while I toyed with "Alice", "Sarah", and "Sabrina", which led to the odd hybrid "Alisarabrina" at moments -- which would at least have been unique!)

But she turns out to be FeLV+. I have one FIV+ cat, and all three of mine are FeLV-; I couldn't mix the populations, so she has to stay in the basement. She's going kind of crazy down there, to the point that she's started obsessing about food more and more -- and biting me. (This is more than the affectionate nibbles she tries for; the worst was a bring-down-the-gazelle clamp on my ankle.) She is frantic about food but not eating what I leave if I'm not there, and not happy with what I give her, and I don't know how to resolve that. And I'm going to be away from the house for long stretches this weekend.

So I've been calling around to various rescues, and one I've worked with has gotten back to me and agreed to take her. She'll be much better off there, where she can interact with someone on a more consistent basis. I feel a little bad, but mostly I feel relieved that as of Thursday, I won't be going half mad with stress over her.

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