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What have I wrought?

So my good friend/boss ninjamonkey73 is interested in puzzles and brainteasers, so I mentioned the MIT Mystery Hunt to her. It's fresh for me because I was at Arisia as it was going on, so I heard a bit about it at the time, and then my LJ Friends page brought me competitor and designer viewpoints. I found it all fascinating, in a "Wow, that's interesting but completely INSANE and I am in NO way qualified to try this ever" sort of way.

So anyway, she found the Hunt quite interesting, and I encouraged her to try out next year's. She thought perhaps she'd have to be on a team with people she knew. Not my thing, I said, but ... well, I can vouch for 530nm330hz, the only competitor I know personally, if she wants an introduction or something. She finally said that she'll do it ... if I will.


I'm already registered for Arisia '09; I'm no good at anything except the most straightforward puzzles. What are the odds a team would want some dead weight? But I think ninjamonkey73 would actually be pretty good at this sort of thing, and I totally get not wanting to jump into something like this alone. So ... we'll see.

Addendum: This year had a team named "A Man, A Plan, A Canal - Suez". Another team was named "Donner, Party of 30". ("The team Donner, Party of 30 kept decreasing in number throughout the weekend. By Sunday evening, I think they were answering their phone, 'Donner, Party of 21.'" -- jedusor) I don't even know these people and I love them.

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