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29 February 2008 @ 02:09 pm
Must-retch TV  
Tim Goodman reviews two new shows today.

The laughs that come in the first wave on "Unhitched" are bracingly, winningly stupid. If you're uptight about things like, say, a man being raped by a monkey or a woman who has a "skin tag" that looks exactly like a piece of shrimp, well, you'll need to really lower your expectations here.

In Season 2, starting Sunday, "Dirt" solves that problem quickly, with one of the smartest (and one could argue, most obvious) tweaks on television. "Dirt" is now going to take a page from "Law & Order" and do ripped-from-the-headlines stories each week.

Duh - it's perfect. Celebrity obsession (mostly with their scandals) is at an all-time high and a bevy of stars are doing their best to feed the machine on a daily basis. A series like "Dirt" couldn't ask for a better or more convenient cottage industry. When you can spoof real celebrities with thinly masked story lines about lurid and sensational stories everybody knows about, it's a lot easier than fabricating plots whole from designer cloth.
So: Avoid both at all costs. Check and check.
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