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01 March 2008 @ 07:59 pm
"Novel" usages  
I have before me a printed advertisement for Kellogg's pop·tarts Brown (Frosted) Sugar Cinnamon**. There are coupons on the bottom of the page, and just above the coupons I am invited to "ALSO TRY!" another flavor (NEW! Kellogg's pop·tarts One Serving of Whole Grain Strawberry***). The only other text is a suggestion at the top of the page: "Try Them Toasted!"

Remember when that was the entire point of Pop·Tarts? Like, to the point that the "pop" in the name referred to the way they would "pop" up out of the toaster?

Or maybe I'm just old.

**(That's the actual order of words on the pictured box.)
***(That's the actual order of words imposed over and across the pictured box.)
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Amy- ninja extraordinaire, bad monkeyninjamonkey73 on March 3rd, 2008 02:04 pm (UTC)
Ah, yes. The days when breakfast was eaten in one's kitchen... The fact that I can get Pop Tarts out of the vending machine at work when the toaster gets packed away following the breakfast rush in the caf has always ooged me out a little. I don't particularly like Pop Tarts to begin with (I mean, when you can have Toaster Strudel, is there really a choice?), but the thought of eating them "raw". Blech.