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"Hey, Dave, I bet my grandmother could get a base hit off you!"

(... "And she died in 1987!")

I know mabfan scorns the Designated Hitter rule, but I'm fine with it. Given modern specialization in pitching and the fact that most starting-rotation pitchers only play every fifth game, pitchers tend to be poor hitters. They're often considered an automatic out, and opposing pitchers don't expect to work as hard against them as against a DH. I'm not saying I demand the DH, mind you -- the games are played differently. Batting pitchers often develop strategies to remain productive, playing "small ball" to advance baserunners, and managers must use more careful strategies with their lineups. I actually like having one league for each style -- this country is big enough for the both of them.

This is all in aid of mentioning an interesting event from yesterday. The Arizona Diamondbacks, a National League team who therefore do not use designated hitters, inserted pitcher Micah Owings as a pinch hitter. That's unusual. Then, on the first pitch to him, he hit a home run to tie the game.

I can't help but think opposing relief pitcher Dave Borkowski must have gotten quite the razzing afterwards ....

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