michelel72 (michelel72) wrote,

Febrrrrrrrary. "Not hot but spicy!"

I have a new weather guideline: If the temperature is equal to the day-of-month, I will be unhappy. If the temperature is less than half the day-of-month, something is just wrong.

Thirteen pathetic degrees at 8am.

And of course I had to go out. It's a telecommute day, and ordinarily I wouldn't leave the house until tomorrow morning in this kind of weather, but I had to go release my brother's stuff from the storage facility. (At 9am. My request for an afternoon appointment worked out so well!) Three layers of pants, four layers of tops plus a heavy jacket, heavy socks, gloves, hat.

And my winter hiking boots. I haven't worn them in months, since they're too warm for most of my hiking and I don't generally spend much time outside in the cold anyway. The right boot felt odd as I stuck my foot in, and at first I thought my sock was just bunched strangely, but I couldn't level the uneven spot with my toes. So I removed my foot, stuck my hand in instead ... and extracted a soy sauce packet.

... I have no idea.

(Note: For those who don't recognize the title quote -- it's from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, featuring Greg Proops as Not Hot but Spicy! Man in an Unlikely Superheroes segment.)
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