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Cheeeese, Gromit!

My diet tends to be on the limited side, since I don't have the patience or skill for cooking and I don't eat meat. One of my staples lately has been sham-and-Swiss sandwiches, but they're getting harder and harder to find the components of.

See, there's apparently this rule amongst food producers and stores: If I like it, they have to stop producing or stocking it. This has happened to me enough times that it has stopped being funny.

So once I started liking this sandwich, first, the bread I liked stopped existing. I eventually found a suitable replacement, so then everyone anywhere near me stopped stocking the Yves "ham-style" sandwich slices. I started stockpiling those from my occasional trips to the Newton and Framingham areas, so then everyone near me stopped stocking Cabot Swiss singles.

I like Cabot cheese a whole lot, in no small part because they explicitly do not use animal rennet. That's not always a given with hard cheeses. They have a fantastic super-sharp cheddar, and the Swiss slices have been just right.

This time, I couldn't find any replacement stores. I had known that once one Shaw's stops carrying something, they all do, but no one else had Cabot Swiss either. I checked every supermarket I came anywhere near; most had barely any Swiss varieties at all and certainly not Cabot. I was getting desperate enough to suggest that my Vermonter coworker bring me back some the next time she visits her family up there.

And then, on Friday, I had to run an errand on the way home from work, and I found myself next door to a store called "Big Y". There was no real chance they would have it, but I figured it certainly couldn't hurt to check.

And they had it! They had plenty of it!

I am now stocked up with Cabot Swiss for months.

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