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24 October 2008 @ 11:18 am
Message modification  
So I live on a dead-end street; at the corner is an OB/GYN practice. It's a favorite target of the local abortion protesters. Usually that means a few people a couple of times a week, but they're currently running some sort of a "40 days" campaign, so there are several people out there every. single. day. They all have preprinted signs:
Pray to end
They can't stand on the corner itself because of setback requirements, so they tend to camp at that end of the small park across the street. Yesterday, I was coming back from running errands, and there was one woman at the very opposite end of the park. She had one of the signs as well, but she had modified it by crudely cutting off the "pray to" part. I'm ... not really sure what exactly she was going for there; I mean, if the point was to move from desire to action, I would expect those signs to be pre-made, or the existing signs to be more cleanly modifiable, or something ....
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