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04 November 2008 @ 05:34 pm
So ... what's your real message?  
Seen around my city:
If you're still undecided, vote for the man who would sacrafice [sic] his life for your FREEDOM!
These were professionally made signs, at least three of them just along my morning commute route, on business and public land. (The precise wording may have differed very slightly.) I didn't notice them when I drove the same route Sunday. I figure "they" want McCain and that they're referring to his military service, though I would take issue with any assertion that such a message could only mean McCain.

What I want to know is ... what is their real message? That is, is the term I've flagged actually an "encoded"/dogwhistle message? And if so, for whom? The truly uninformed? The anti-elitists who resent people what tell 'em the right way to spell things? The religious crowd, by conflating "sacrifice" and "sacrament"?

Or is this simply another case of People Just Don't Care Anymore?

In other news, along the general lines of other websites and groups that advertise punctuation and grammatical abuses, someone should totally start a site/community called "bitchysic". I'd subscribe.
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