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My Colbert moment

So I skipped a couple of races on my ballot because I had no meaningful choice. Bristol County Register of Probate, frex -- they all sounded like they had the same positions on everything to me, and not liking the mild negative commentary by the Republican or the confusion of the guy running unenrolled because he hadn't known he was no longer registered as a Democrat do not constitute reasons to vote for the remaining candidate.

Aside from that, if I'm reading this right -- and I fully admit I might not be -- I voted what turned out to be the winning result for every race or question on which I voted. Obama, Kerry, Bowles, J. Timilty, income tax, marijuana, dog racing. Hell, even that Bristol Probate race -- if I had used those mild reactions as criteria, I would have gotten that one too.

So ... I'm typical? Since when have I ever been typical??

Or as Colbert would put it: I called it! Balloon drop!

In other (but related) news, I am proud and relieved and cautiously hopeful. I miss habeas corpus, and I hope it comes home soon.

(Ha! As I'm entering this, Rachel Maddow is describing Obama's message to enemies of America as "you are on notice". Speaking of Colbert shout-outs.)
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