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30 November 2008 @ 04:34 pm
Big ... Something is watching me  
I follow How to Spot a Psychopath, which has interesting commentary about tech gadgets, polling science, and fuel booster scams. He once linked to a "Things I Won't Work With" posting by organic-chemist-not-pitcher Derek Lowe; elsewhere in that latter blog, I found a posting about ruining lab equipment.

I've been working on an idea for a fiction piece in which destruction of some piece of lab equipment is mentioned in passing, and I thought of that last article, in which centrifuges figure prominently in the comments-contributed entries. Centrifuges seem like an easy concept for folks who aren't hardcore chemists to follow. I've been meaning to look up that article for the last week, to make sure I get the details right, and today I finally thought of it when my PC was on.

I found it by Google, but I could just have checked my LJ friends list, because it had an entry from Psychopath pointing to a new "Things I Won't Work With" entry. That category has only had two new entries total since February.

So when I finally think to deal with finding a blog that I haven't looked at in months, my LJ just happens to have a link to that same blog, in the same path by which I originally found it.

It's a known phenomenon, I know. Not "selection bias", but attention something-or-other, the way I notice when my mp3 randomizer seems to be stalking me or do a double-take when seeing that a digital clock is displaying 9:11. It's the old "it always rains just after I wash the car" phenomenon; we're coded to seek meaning, and counterbalancing meaningless events don't register as strongly. It's a false effect; I know that.

Still freaks me out sometimes.
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: "Somebody's Watching Me", Rockwell (in my head)