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Literary agent gone slumming?

Okay, so, this fanfic thing. I don't know what the hell. It's eaten my brain. I have a perfectly vast original fiction I've been working on since 1995**, and all of a sudden this November I randomly come up with an SGA fanfic plot, and then in the last month I developed two more plus an offshoot of the original that at this rate will be the first I finish. (And I suddenly start to understand the term "plotbunnies".) And as usual I have all these scenes in my head but getting them written down is worse than pulling teeth, mostly, though now I'm switching between the four different narratives and that's somehow helping, I don't even know.

And as the scenes move from my head to being typed out I see where the connective tissue is missing, and suddenly I'm finding ways to fill that in, and they're actually pretty cool, they're the sort of thing that normal people would be writing the thing as an excuse to do and I'm just tossing them in on a whim, and I'm randomly looking up the lyrics to "O Canada!" (and alarming one of the cats greatly with the webpage-embedded soundfile of same) or foul curses in seven different languages, or discovering that what the hell do you mean the two canon names and the random extra term I picked a month ago happen to align perfectly for that beautiful extra bit to just fall into place? and I'm reminded of a legend of Helen Keller, that she wrote books that she turned out to have plagiarized accidentally from stories she'd been read before she lost her hearing, and I look at all this cool stuff I never knew was in my head and I think hey, wait, maybe that's not me at all, maybe it's an accidental plagiarism, and that makes me sad. Or maybe it's just something akin to the Literary Agent Hypothesis and I'm just a channel for the "real" stories and that sounds a little like a form of posession and that's kind of creepy. (And yes, I did have to Google TVTropes to find the name of the concept I meant. Literature major FAIL!)

And if I ever even do finish one of these I don't know what to do with it because I don't have time to get involved in the comms properly and just dabbling in them has eaten weeks of my life, but I do want to publish them in some form if only to prove that I can produce something.

And this entry isn't exactly in the style of Dr. Rodney McKay, but his manic run-on-ness may have corrupted me forever, so if I get nothing else out of this I at least may have made my prose even more unreadable. Hooray!

And just for the hell of it:
WIP: JonChron: Near Point: 149,783 words, massively unfinished, last edited 10/2006.
WIP: SGA FF: Headhunters: 10,810 words since Nov. 11, not even halfway
WIP: SGA FF: Power: 6,181 words since Dec. 14, maybe one-third done?
WIP: SGA FF: Interface: 383 words (pfft) since 3am today, short but barely begun
WIP: SGA FF: The Mad Mechanic, offshoot of Headhunters: 12,334 words since 11pm 12/24, maybe halfway-ish?, already screaming "Feed Me, Seymour!"

And? And? The titles for every one of the fanfics just popped into my head easily within one minute of my deciding they needed titles! And in some cases before I decided that! It took me literally years to name "Near Point"! Who am I and what the hell have I done with me??

**Ohmigod, my JonChron is old enough to get pregnant***. Aaaaaaaahhh!!!

***Hey, maybe that's where all the plotbunnies came from ....

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