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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to our live coverage. Our next category is "michelel72's First Completed Draft, Fiction Division". Let's review the nominees:

JonChron: Near Point, 149,783 words, last edited 10/2006
SGA FanFiction: Headhunters: 10,810 words since November 11
SGA FanFiction: Power: 6,181 words since December 14
SGA FanFiction: Interface: 2,208 words since December 27
SGA FanFiction: The Mad Mechanic: 19,029 words since December 24

That's quite a ... diverse collection, isn't it, folks? Like Liz Taylor's husbands! Am I right?

Ahem. Too soon? Yes, well ... yes, let's have the envelope please.

And the winner is ... SGA/DW Crossover FanFiction: The Longest Three-Week Day! Let's ... wait, what? What is this? 17k words since January 1, whatever, I didn't -- a crossover romance? How did this get in here? Where are the accountants -- what do you mean we couldn't afford Pricewaterhouse this year? Quit playing the theme, you idiots, this is clearly some kind of mistake -- stop screaming, you silly woman, and give that statue back, give it -- ow! Quit hitting me with the statue you've just stolen! Where's security? Wait, why are you taking me away, it's her, she rigged the results, she has violated the sanctity of the -- mmmmmf!
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