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Bring out your red! Bring out your red!

... pens, that is.

Okay, I've written a fanfic. Currently, it's in a very rough draft form. I am not leaning onto anyone to read it, but I would certainly appreciate anyone who would be willing to read it and give me feedback, particularly suggestions for improvement.

Anyone who's interested should leave a comment to this post, email me, or IM me. I currently have the entry in a filtered post, and only people who explicitly request access will be able to see it. (Anyone who requests or has requested .rtf or Word97 format can expect to receive that under separate cover but should also have access to this version.)

Basics: It's Stargate: Atlantis fanfiction, with Doctor Who crossover. It's a romance, and I would rate it somewhere between G and PG. Tame stuff, in other words. Anyone not caught up with DW Season 4 or SGA mid-season 5 should probably stay away (except for those who enjoy being either spoiled or bewildered).

Excessive story headers of TMI-ness and link to the locked post under the cut.

Title: The Longest Three-Week Day Part 1, Part 2
Genre/Fandom: SGA/DW crossover
Author: michelel72
Word count: ~17,000
Pairings: Rodney McKay/Donna Noble, plus canon pairs and suggestions
Rating: PG for language? Possibly G
Warnings: Just some kissing and mild cursing, plus a breakup of a canon couple
o SGA: Starts somewhere after 5x16 "Brain Storm"
o DW: Starts after 4x13 "Journey’s End"
o For all I know, may now or eventually conflict with SGA after "Vegas", SG-1 post-series (movies), DW after "Journey’s End", Torchwood after S2, or Sarah Jane Adventures after S1 … but should be consistent with anything before those points, aside from some should-be-clear tweaking to enable crossover.
Disclaimers: Assume the position. I mean the standard.
o This is a My First Fic, so: I’m sorry. Also, that title? Yeah, I know.
o If you don't know both the Stargate 'verse and the (new) Doctor Who 'verse pretty well, you will be sore confused.
o Despite all appearances, no, neither Strunk nor White shot my pa.
Credits: Inspired by a comment by xparrot at her journal. Betas TBA.
Summary: Another day, another “science conference” gone horribly wrong. For once, Dr. Rodney McKay gets help saving the world … but then Donna Noble Remembers.

What am I looking for?

Everything ... sorta. I don't like the title; any suggestions? If I have to break it in two, as LiveJournal demands, is there a better place than the one I chose? (One horizontal-line earlier?) Does anything violate canon? Where do the character voices slip? What's clunky or just didn't work? Is there anything that works particularly well or that would with a slight modification?

I write stuff, but I am not A Writer. Analyses on a more meta level (story-shaping, plot arc, language-as-tone-shaping) would therefore be very much appreciated, because I have no idea at all when it comes to those areas.

As the headers suggest, I am aware that my punctuation choices in the story are ... not typical of formal communication. I really am capable of punctuating a sentence normally, so if you're in doubt about a certain bit of punctuation, I may have done it intentionally -- but if it doesn't work, certainly feel free to say.

I don't know what else to say here; I don't want to hector, and I clearly don't know the process. So: allons-y -- and thank you very much!

Tags: fanfic_draft, fanfic_meta

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