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Fanfic draft pass 2

Previously on michelel72's Journal ... I finished my first fic ever (a Stargate: Atlantis/Doctor Who crossover fanfic) and offered access to it to anyone who was willing to read it in draft form. My beta, aurora_novarum, did a kick-ass job and inspired me to rewrite it, so I asked folk to hold off.

Well, I've rewritten it, and the new version is now ready. (I think.) Right now, I have it friends-locked to whoever previously requested access. It's buried time-wise (because formatting stuff on LJ can be something of a pain, and Obsessive Girl is Obsessive), so this post serves as the index post. Anyone who is interested in seeing it but not currently on the filter can just drop me a comment here to be added. No pressure or guilt-trips, incidentally; anyone who isn't interested or is too busy doesn't need to volunteer, seriously.

Technically, it's still drafty, though as far as I know it's ready for public posting. I can't really see it any more; I've read it so many times that I can't tell whether it's clunky or if I'm just fighting knowing what comes when. Please, feel free to point out any problems or improvements I can make. (And seriously, I'm kind of desperate for a title; I really don't like the one I have but don't have any better ideas.)

Edit 1/24/08: Entries made public and posted to sga_noticeboard and sg_prompts.

Excessive headers of TMI below. Anyone draft-reading, please, feel free to tell me anything that could be improved. I code by day; my text gets clunky sometimes, and I don't want to succumb to that. I don't really have a timeframe; if no one is interested in draft reading, I'll just jump to public posting, but if I know someone is actively reading it for draft purposes I'll hold off.

Thanks, y'all.

Title: The Longest Three-Week Day, (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
Genre/Fandom: SGA/DW crossover
Author: michelel72
Word count: ~23,800
Pairings: Rodney McKay/Donna Noble, plus canon pairs and suggestions
Rating: PG for language?
Warnings: Just some kissing and mild cursing, plus a breakup of a canon couple
Spoilers/Timeline: SGA: Starts somewhere after 5x16 "Brain Storm"; DW: Starts after 4x13 "Journey's End". May now or eventually conflict with SGA after "Vegas", SG-1 post-series (movies), DW after "Journey's End", Torchwood after S2, or Sarah Jane Adventures after S1 … but should be consistent with anything before those points, aside from some should-be-clear tweaking to enable crossover.
Disclaimers: Plot mine. Stargate and Doctor Who environments and characters not.
Notes: This is a My First Fic. Also, that title? Yeah, I know. Otherwise, if you don't know both the Stargate 'verse and the (new) Doctor Who 'verse pretty well, you will be sore confused.
Inspired by a comment by xparrot at her journal; if I didn't quite capture it, maybe I'll at least inspire NYFfic. ("No, You Fool! That's not how it goes at all! It should go like this!")
Beta by (and my most profound thanks to) aurora_novarum, who kindly led me from the wilderness, bravely volunteered to review a first-fic, and then gently but thoroughly kicked my tail and forced me to bring my actual game. Any "Phase 10" cards left on the basketball court are solely my fault.
Summary: Another day, another "science conference" gone horribly wrong. For once, Dr. Rodney McKay gets help saving the world … but then Donna Noble remembers.

This way to Part 1.

Tags: fanfic_draft

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