michelel72 (michelel72) wrote,

If being repelled is wrong, I don't wanna be right

I was already sure that I wasn't interested in the BBC America programme "Little Britain" when Tim Goodman put it this way:

Is this country ready for "Little Britain"? Only if we could stand an unanimated version of Fox's "Family Guy," which we probably couldn't.

Since I can't stand the animated version of "Family Guy", that pretty much settled the question of whether I would be checking this show out.

But Goodman likes the show, and as proof it's good, he posits this:

Shouldn't a man dressed up as an elderly woman [...] who projectile-vomits on people when she feels her racism boil up be funny on both sides of the pond? Well, yeah, it should be.


"Humor" like this is why I haven't watched comedies, television or theater, in years. If that makes me dull or judgmental or humorless ... then fine. I'd rather own that than watch people vomiting for my "entertainment".


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