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Eight is ... too much

Dear plot-starting part of my brain: Shut up a bit, yeah?

Let's review the tally, shall we?
o Vast original-fic, dead in the water.
o One completed fanfic.
o FFWIP: The started-first darkish large McKay angst thing that isn't even a quarter done.
o FFWIP: Darker AU of that WIP (just shoot me now), also large, not even halfway done.
o FFWIP: The short-for-me Sheppard-whump that I've been nibbling away at this week.
o FFWIP: The larger-than-I-expected kidfic (... yeah), also not even quarter-done.
o FFWIP: The should-be-short (for me) "McKay and Keller are what!?" that's stuck.
o FFWIP: The way-dark multiverse fanfic that is also quarter-to-halfway.
o FFWIP: The crossover AMTDI "needs a plot!" sequel to the finished fanfic.

That doesn't mean I was looking for another plot. Really. Seriously. No, I don't care if it was just a passing thought for the Writercon100 drabble fest. Because -- remember how I can't do short? Yeah.

The weather's nice for a damn change; I'm gonna go biking. And I'm a beta this weekend/coming week. And Winry's sick. And the DVR is getting full. And that day job stops for no man fic. I don't want to add "FFWIP: Darkish Carter-teaches-McKay-a-lesson, unstarted" to the list!

So, in summary, shut up. Or at least pitch in on those stalled plots first.

No love,
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