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Fanfic pimpage and poll

For the majority of my flist that doesn't care about my recent fanfic obsession, feel free to move along.

sg_prompts periodically posts new prompts for the SGverse. I was lucky that they were prompting "crossover" just as I finished my crossover fic, so I've been tracking them.

I'm unsurprised to learn that I don't really seem able to write to prompts generally, or to a schedule, or in any kind of remotely short form. Still, seeing what other people come up with is definitely interesting.

However, the current prompt is right up my alley: Post a WIP. Details are at that link, but basically, the idea is to post part of a WIP you want to jump-start, partly to get back into it and partly to get the boost of feedback.

I think this is a cool idea, but the community has been low-traffic lately, so I wanted to make sure folk knew about it. While I'm here ... I don't think I should post all my WIPs, and I figured I might as well see if anyone who follows me cares which one I go with, so: poll!

Poll #1389264 WIP it

Which WIP should I post?

"Headhunters": Darkish McKay angst
"The Mad Mechanic": Darker AU of "Headhunters" above
"Power": Way-dark multiverse
"Interface": Sheppard-whump, McKay and Sheppard friendship
"Relationship": McKay and Keller are what!?
"Remorse": Carter teaches McKay a lesson after "48 Hours"
Untitled kidfic (McKay, age 7)
Untitled plotless sequel to my one fic

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