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In which the author is smacked upside the head with her own verbosity

If MSWord isn't lying to me, I wrote over 5400 words this weekend. In one fic.

::is gobsmacked::

... of course, it's all a passage that was meant to amount to "he stormed out of the facility in a huff and never looked back", in a fic I thought would be about 2k words total ... and for which the part that was meant to be the significant majority is currently some 3600 words and most of that section isn't even there yet, since McKay and Carter are refusing to cooperate with me in that scene, and Daniel is suddenly demanding a scene himself ....


The real kicker? This all started as an intended drabble. The traditional kind, the one that's precisely 100 words.

When will I ever learn that I! cannot! write! short! form!?
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