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For them what liked my story

So, I don't really like reading stuff at ff.net, because the whole chapter thing drives me up a tree (among other reasons). I'd rather read (and bookmark) stories in a single page. Yet, thanks to LJ's limits, I had to post my own story in three parts. Oh, the injustice of it all!

Anyway. Someday I'll have my very own website, but this is not that day. However, now that I have a Dreamwidth account, I was able to put the story into a single page: Displacement. (Yeah, I renamed it from "The Longest Three-Week Day" because I hated that title ... but it's still referenced in all copies because it seemed rude to remove it completely weeks after "publication".) So, um, there you go, anyone who's interested.

In other Rodney/Donna news: I did have a sketchy idea for a sequel, but the whole thing was just AMTDI, and I didn't want to write that. I think I've figured out what I want to do with it, though. It's a slight little thing (says the woman who got her "48 Hours"-based story's anticipated wordcount wrong by two orders of magnitude), but it might be fun. Whenever I write it, that is -- which won't be soon, I don't think. Not with this full-time job thing I have. But having a storyline is at least progress, so yay!

In other vaguely related news: Surfing delicious.com for links to one's own identity is a trip.
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