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The name game (RSVP)

I've been developing a work of fiction for several years. I still harbor hopes that I will, one day, finish a manuscript. I can dream.

Standard writing advice is to "write what you know". Well.

I've incorporated a number of elements that I know very little about. I've researched what I can, but there are some elements that I'll need to ask for help or input regarding. I'm hoping to use LJ to pose certain questions, once I'm able to formulate them. But I'd like a way to organize the questions, using LJ tags; I'd like a handy way to refer to this whole project just generally.

In other words, I need a name.

I have a title for the work itself. It's not a good title necessarily, but I have one. But how should I refer to it 'round these parts?

These are some of the terms I've used or considered:

- "[my] novel" This is probably the most straightforward term. 530nm330hz has graciously used it, without apparent irony, but I still feel a little weird about it, in the "I'm not worthy!" sense.

- "my project" I've used this before with college friends. It seems unnecessarily vague, though.

- "[The] BDN" BDN is short for "Big Damn Novel". It has the advantages of being catchy, trendy, and abbreviation-friendly. It's also weirdly appropriate, given that this thing is going to be huge. It has the disadvantage, though, of perhaps misleading folk into thinking it's about Firefly. It's not.

- "Near Point" or "NP" This would be the title I've settled on, at least for the first episode. (Never mind.) I'm not entirely happy to have it as the title anyway, though, so I don't know, and it wouldn't accomodate other installments in the same world/character set.

- "ARN" ARN is short for "Average Romance Novel". This is a little joke based on my LJ profile, crossed with the reasons listed in "BDN" above.

So please vote! Never heard of this work/project/thing before? Don't even know me? Doesn't matter! I'm inviting your opinion anyway! I'm not making this a poll because I'd like folks to be able to explain their choices or offer alternates (and I don't yet know how to build a poll anyway). So I'm asking folks to use the comments to make suggestions or name their favorite option.

My massive preemptive thanks to all who take part!
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