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New computer blues

Okay, so I'm not actually all that sad. But I have a new computer, and a couple of things about it confuse me, so I'm hoping someone out there can answer.

- Dell, in its infinite wisdom, thinks I don't need to be able to page-down or page-up one-handed. I'm sure there's a way to remap the keys so that I can just use, say, [RightCtrl][DownArrow] instead of [Fn][DownArrow] to page down, but I haven't been able to find anywhere that explains it in very simple language. If I'm going to be editing the registry -- which I suspect I am -- I need really clear instructions.

- Why does Dell tell me I was given a 60GB hard drive but Windows tell me the drive's total size is 46GB? Is that a normal thing, or did I get cheated?

Dell also seems to think I wouldn't normally need the comma, period, slash, or question mark keys to be easy to use, but that's one of those mysteries for the ages rather than something I think anyone can help me fix. Pfeh.

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