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The Name Game 2: Appellation Boogaloo

As I've previously mentioned, I'm trying to find term to refer to my epic work of fiction. Several of y'all have been kind enough to give me feedback, but nothing from that thread has really seemed perfect, so I thought I'd suggest a new direction.

The most popular option from the previous post was BDN, for Big Damn Novel, but it wasn't exactly an out-of-the-park winner and I still have concerns about misleading implications (in re Firefly) there. I'm not saying I object to it, but I'm not quite sold.

The second most popular option was just to use the title I've given the first installment. I don't love that title, though, and how do I refer to later installments? "Near Point 2: The Near-ening"? "Near Point 3: This Time It's All Up in Your Face"? It's not a major concern, but if the whole point is utility, this doesn't seem ideal, either.

As I've mentioned, the work itself, she sprawls. I was woolgathering about terminology, and I kept drifting towards phrasings like "The Continuing Saga of ..." or perhaps something similar to the classic From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. On the upside, a complex name would reflect an aspect of the work. On the downside, though, maybe that's not an aspect I really need any more emphasis on. Long long names are a little much anyway. I mean, if the Pet Shop Boys got tired of them? That probably says something.

But while thinking in this direction, I realized that if I really had to say what the whole thing is about, I would probably say that it's the life story of my main character, Jonathan W. Davis.

(Sidebar: The lead singer of Korn is Jonathan H. Davis. This is a different guy, and fictional anyway, 'kay? The name similarity is one o' them there coincidences; I learned of it after I was set on the character name. So it's all ironic or something, because neither I nor my character listens to Korn.)

Anyway. My favorite option at this point goes in a whole different direction: "The Jonathan Files".

I'm not set on that formation; if anyone has a better variation, I'm certainly interested.

I should rule out "The Jonathan Project", though; I thought that was a bit better until I Googled it. The varied results were amusing, considering the character's occupation and religion, but again, I don't want to run into any risk of misleading anyone into thinking I'm connected to an ex-con rehab project or to a maybe-Christian selfless-service movement.

"The Tale of Jonathan" looks cute but doesn't really work; I mean, this isn't a proto-novel, and though I'm quite fond of Jonathan, he's no Genji.

On the one hand, this really isn't a significant question in my life. I can just say "that thing I'm writing" and folk will follow. But I would like an easy term for general conversation, LJ tags, and maybe even a series title if it's really good. I can see using [Series Tag]:[Installment Title] as a titling convention. The Jonathan Files 1: Near Point, maybe. It's bit pretentious, but I don't know as I mind that too much.

So how do you feel about "The Jonathan Files", or "... Papers", or "... Saga", or anything along those lines?

As before, reactions or new suggestions are ecstatically welcome and I will adore their contributors.
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