michelel72 (michelel72) wrote,

Stockholm syndrome; wordiness

Jenny turns out to be the heroine of a bad historical romance. "Unhand me, you cad! Stay away! Don't touch me! Release me from this dread captivity! I hate you! Wait, you're ignoring me? I never noticed just how dreamy your eyes fingers are. *swoon* I love you! I love you!"

I mean, it's rewarding to have earned her trust and affection, but the literally "overnight" thing is kind of disorienting. She's a real sweetie, though. And wow is she ever pregnant. She looks like she swallowed a soccer ball -- one of the little ones for the rugrat leagues. Or a softball at the very least.

ETA: I just felt one of her babies move! Eeeeee!!!!!
In other news, I just broke 20k words of notes for my unplanned sequel. OMG, people. I think that's officially OMG territory.::headdesk::
Tags: crazy cat lady, writing

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