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Service with a brain

I've been more than happy to share my displeasure with the fraud and incompetence of the Bo(t)ch Toyota Empire, so it's only fair that I share better experiences.

The service department of Wellesley Toyota/Scion has consistently provided me with excellent service, from a patched tire to coordination of a several-thousand-dollar touchscreen replacement. The service advisers aren't just pretty voices answering the phone; they know the vehicles they service, the most common "known issues" for those vehicles, and how to troubleshoot other problems. They are clearly knowledgeable and they treat their customers as intelligent adults, which is (sadly enough) a refreshing change.

One example: For the problem my car is currently experiencing, the (non-Bo(t)ch) dealership nearer me had me list symptoms for several minutes before saying I would have to leave the car a whole day for diagnosis, being unwilling to commit even to a warranty-service loaner vehicle. When I called Wellesley to ask if they could check a connection, the adviser asked the symptoms; after I gave a couple, he responded that the problem was actually a known issue with the multi-function display and he would order the replacement part promptly. When I explained that I am under the extended warranty, having passed the mile limit of the factory warranty, he amended to state that I would have to stop by for a few minutes so that he could get some numbers from my system, but that he would otherwise handle the approvals from that point -- and although I arrived early, he took only about ten minutes.

They are a dealership service department, so they don't have the cheapest prices around; they don't have all the waiting-room frills of other Toyota dealerships I've been to; but they know their job and they do it well, which matters most to me. I strongly recommend them.

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