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Unformed meta fandom misogyny stuff.

Bleh. This isn't formed at all, but it's in my head now, and it's bugging me, so I'm tossing it here to try to get it back out of my headspace.

It's not that I liked or agreed with that classy post on the genrefinders. It's just that some of what I've seen in comments in discussions around the topic ... bug me.

Disliking a character is not inherently misogyny.

Really. No, really.

I can think of, off the top of my head, three separate female characters I've recently disliked in ... 2.5 fandoms? (It gets a little weird.) But you know what that's about?

It's about I dislike the character.

Maybe I've looked at something a character has done and found it indefensible. Maybe the character has taken several such actions. Maybe I question the character's personal or ethical judgment. Maybe I find the character's canon relationship skeevy — not because "she breaks up my OTP, OMG, eleventy!" (I don't even have OTPs) but because the shown relationship is dysfunctional in subtle ways that I find misogynist; or the relationship requires the character to violate her existing relationship commitment for wholly inadequate reasons; or the relationship is the sudden and epic true love of a character who was always previously compelling without all the Twue Wuv. Maybe I resent being told by each plot that the character is the most specialest perfect flawless humanly-flawed supreme ideal everything, and knowing that's not just my perception because the showrunner has stated it.

Maybe the character can even change and become one I both like and respect. One of those three did.

Maybe the character doesn't need to be reduced to "you hate her because you're secretly misogynist!" Seriously, the only reason I don't like her has to be related to her sex? That reductionist viewpoint seems pretty misogynist to me. Maybe I would in fact view these characters differently if they were male, but I've tried to consider that carefully, and I'm not at all convinced I would.

Maybe I'll bend over backwards trying to treat the character fairly in my fandom participation, when I certainly don't treat all characters I dislike that way. When does that come back around to being its own form of misogyny?

Anyway. Bleh. I don't know. As I said, not formed, not well-constructed. And holy crap am I ever not looking to get into a "debate" about it, at all and certainly not here (though thoughtful and respectful commentary is always welcome). I just wanted to feel I'd said it, even just in my own journal under a cut, so I can quit thinking every five minutes that I need to speak up.

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