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Sanctuary 2x03 Eulogy

I recently mentioned, in positive feedback to an SGA fanfic, that competence is my squee. Show me characters using their brains and their skills legitimately and you've won half the battle. That's probably a lot of why I like Rodney McKay; he's an arrogant jerk with a boatload of offputting traits, but he knows his shit. (Half the time he's even competent at the stuff that isn't his shit, like handling a gun, which is even cooler..)

That's why I won't watch stupidity-plot shows or slacker shows. It's why I adore Rachel Maddow. It's also why I won't watch "why bother getting it right, just fake it!" dreck like CSI and why House is alienating me more and more — frontin' ain't nothin'. (Rodney's science is fake half the time, but it's not meant to be real or the point of SGA; CSI is allegedly about how cool real forensics is, and House is allegedly based on real-world medicine, and in both cases, the fact that they then fake the science/medicine = FAIL.)

So anyway, Sanctuary. The web-launched show about a castle in Canada worldwide network that shelters abnormals. It's just ... gratingly dumb and growing more so. I mean, the place is run by, like, three moonlighting convenience-store clerks on the profit from their lemonade stand; they have no resources (until the plot demands that they randomly do, or that their castle is more secure than high-tech complexes with hundreds of armed employees). They regularly fuck up in frankly inexcusable ways. I mean, this whole Freelander plotline ... TF? "Oh, hey, hot chick! Wanna quit working for our enemy and just hang out in our facility, completely unguarded, instead? Oh, you're upfront that you're only ever in anything for the money? No prob. Here, take this highly valuable asset to that other room over there, 'kay?" T. F.

But then, oh!, the scenes between Magnus and Druitt. They're just ... they're just ... they're just from a completely different show. A good one. One I'd actually like to, y'know, see.

I ... I ... gah! I'm seriously considering dropping this. The five minutes of Magnus/Druitt OMG heart-wrenching glory are just not worth the agita the remainder causes me.

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