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I'm not doing NaNoWriMo, not formally or properly. I've got too many WIPs as it is, and I'm too addicted to both editing as I go and jumping between stories to really feel motivated by the standard formula.

But I figure I might as well see if I can use the month many others are using for writing to see how much progress I can make. So I'm noting my current counts here, and I'll try to check back at the end of the month to see where I've gotten.

(I should note that I was inspired by a similar idea from bratfarrar over at writers_lair.)

Counts according to MSWord for entire files. (*) entries include partial headers. (**) entries include summaries and placeholder notes.
SGA Fanfic:
Antigonish: 11,281
Erase and Rewind: 17,108
Headhunters: 10,878
Interface: 5,323
Power: 9,492
Relationship: 5,969 (*)
Resolve/Reprise: 30,382(*)(**)
The Mad Mechanic: 23,477
Untitled SGA/DW Donnaverse sequel: 3570
Original Fiction ("JonChron"): (Which isn't going anywhere)
Untitled prequels, age 16 ("Mall", "Dayroom", "School"): 1232, 941, 2023
Untitled prequel ("Trust"): 11,396
Untitled prequel ("Andy"): 3,317
Near Point: 149,783(**)
Sequel content: Not bothering to count

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