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NaNoWri? ... No.

So. This writing thing.

::points to icon::

I added a little under a thousand words to one story. That's it. One story that I'm not particularly liking and am stuck on to boot, dammit. (I know the scene that comes next-ish, if I can find a way to link to it, and then ... no clue. How the hell you get stuck writing a post-Trinity story, I do not know. It's a formula! That's almost the point! And yet I don't know how to resolve the stupid thing! And I kinda hate the omniscient-narrator interludes yet can't figure how to convey what I need to without them! Gah!)

I'm contrarian; I know that. Tell me I have to do something and I dig in my heels. But ... I was actually enjoying this stuff.

... I blame this particular story. Not my lame-ass self, not at all. Nope.

Plan: slap in scene-to-come, unconnected; go back to the "okay" story this one diverted me from, or the fun story that one diverted me from. With, um, no commitments. At all. La la la, just noodling here, not checking wordcounts, no, not me ....
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