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13 December 2009 @ 01:08 am
Sanctuary 2x07 - 2x09  
Sanctuary is actively annoying me.

2x07? Kinda annoying, thin writing. "She's innocent! Innocent, I say! Here's the proof! Oh, it proves she's not innocent? Well, I disbelieve!" (But I really want some Henry & Big Guy friendship fic.)

2x08? Fairly annoying. You're in the Gulf of Mexico, you decide you have to change out of wet clothes into a wetsuit (drysuit?) — which you put on over your wet skin and soaking wet bra — so that you won't "freeze to death". Now, I'll grant you, I didn't realize that your stated location of 27N 89W would get down to 50F (in the middle of the December night, as opposed to the bright midday of whatever time of year Munich is beautiful and you've both been merrily running around in shirtsleeves), so sure, hypothermia will be a concern within a few hours. So why are you spending so much time (before the monsters) not just hanging out in this chilly (not freezing) water but regularly ducking your heads under the surface, rather than making even a token attempt to stay, well, less wet on the chopper? Also, after that explosion conveniently reflected all its force off the surface of the water rather than shock-wave killing you both where you lurked about five feet below the surface, where did the replacement oxygen you so quickly surfaced to breathe come from? You're in a very tall pipe and just burned off at least most of the oxygen. While we're talking about that pipe, you have a small torch and didn't even mention the possibility of cutting your way out of the pipe, even to say it wouldn't work? Also, Magnus, aren't you at least ten times too old to be such a freaking twelve-year-old girl?

2x09? OMG hate. "I have to get the bullet out or you'll bleed to death!" Um, what? The presence or absence of the bullet doesn't increase or decrease bleeding all on its own. They aren't anticoagulants. Leave it in place, pack the wound, let a medical professional with cauterizers and freaking sutures get it out. But no, let's expand to include the visual, shall we? "I have to get the bullet out by digging around in your shoulder with a knife or you'll bleed to death!" I don't have a font big enough for all the NO. And then, if she stops breathing from something in that process, just mouth-to-mouthing her isn't going to cure whatever made her stop breathing so well that she'll go from "unable to sit up" in fifteen minutes to "able to stand up and mosey around" a few hours later. Not to mention being quite the chatterbox in the interim. Your abnormal skill isn't supposed to be the Breath of Life and Long-Windedness, dude. Next to all that WTFery, my other complaints (the Sanctuary group are suddenly back to having less staff than an after-school chess club, after having all those locations and heavily-armed security staff people oh so recently; neither generic radiation nor microwaves "cook from the inside out"; if you've launched a new Chicago mob (... right), you don't make your tech guy your lieutenant because you need your tech guy busy with tech and your mob-lieutenant busy mob-lieutenanting; coming to a sudden realization really isn't going to echo back in time to make your eight-year-old self somehow suddenly and magically hyperobservant; the presumably-paid-for writing was too lazy for the level of fanfiction I read; I know Inigo Montoya and Kate Freelander is no Inigo Montoya) barely even register.

But apparently next week we have Tesla back. Sigh. I want to cut the show dead, but he's fun. So, maybe one more. Dammit!
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Sholio: Tesla electricitysholio on January 9th, 2011 12:06 pm (UTC)
you decide you have to change out of wet clothes into a wetsuit (drysuit?) — which you put on over your wet skin and soaking wet bra — so that you won't "freeze to death".

Actually, that didn't strike me as implausible (a rarity for Sanctuary, I must admit *g*). Water wicks heat out of the body at an incredible rate, even if it's not super-cold, and the wetsuit provides a layer of thermal insulation between you and the water. Underneath the suit, you're *supposed* to be wet. (Drysuits are different, but I don't think those were drysuits; they're bulkier and meant for Arctic-type environments. I've worn a drysuit but not a wetsuit.)

But that episode annoyed me for a variety of other reasons. The basic scenario was cool and exciting, but I kept getting stuck on what total idiots the characters were.

The worst thing is that Helen apparently doesn't have any sort of contingency plan or emergency procedure at the Sanctuary in case someone disappears on a mission. Given that they were capturing a wild animal over an isolated stretch of ocean, not to mention that she LIED about the flight plan so the regular authorities wouldn't be any help, how in the world could she NOT have some kind of plan for regular check-ins and/or emergency procedures? Based on what we've seen, Sanctuary personnel risk all kinds of remote, dangerous environments all the time, and they just, what ... trust to fate that nothing will go wrong? HOW ARE YOU PEOPLE SO STUPID?

And then there were all the little instances of stupid. Why do they keep putting their stuff on the helicopter's half-submerged panniers where it can float away, rather than inside the DRY helicopter? For god's sake, why don't they close the helicopter's storage compartments when it keeps swaying around, to keep more stuff from falling out? Why don't they use their acetylene torch to weld shut the scorpion's compartment and then come up with a better way to kill it than by removing the only object that keeps them from having to tread water for at least 24 hours until help is expected to come? They have a bunch of equipment, including a spear gun and flares; at the very least, can't they try a few other things until they resort to destroying their only dry, semi-safe base of operations? All they have to do is stun or entangle the scorpion enough to drop it into the water! Or maybe rig up some harnesses to hang from the wall or something? How in the world can a plan that requires them to tread water for DAYS be their Plan A?!

... yeah. I thought the previous one with Helen's unbelievably complicated and ridiculous Xanatos Roulette was bad enough, but this one annoyed the bejeezus out of me. These people should all have died long ago from their total inability to plan.

Haven't seen the next one yet, but the middle of this season has been a SLOG. Do they have, like, only so many good scripts per season that they can afford, or something?
michelel72: SGA-Sam-WarySmilemichelel72 on January 20th, 2011 06:42 am (UTC)
Fair enough. I'd gotten the impression that a wetsuit was a wetsuit because it was not watertight, which would mean the water was still circulating heat away; I'm happy to yield to better knowledge than my landlubber self possesses!

But yeah, the characters so often have no sense. They tried to explain away the "no backup" thing, but it makes no sense even if the core five-or-so people are all they have in all the world; once they establish the worldwide network, it's just actively stupid. They just so clearly wanted an excuse for a big boom, and none of it makes any sense.

And then you compare "Bank Job" or "Breach", which isolate the characters plausibly and actually have sense behind their "As you know, Bob," moments, and you have to wonder how they're the same show. Because they can get it right!