michelel72 (michelel72) wrote,

LJ promotion coupons

So Livejournal is offering a pretty paltry holiday promotion: Those of us with paid/permanent accounts can send a $10 off coupon to free-account users to upgrade to a paid account.

I'm not spamming anyone with these offers because ... seriously. I'm not their ad department. That said, if anybody out there is a free-account user who wants one of these coupons, leave me a comment and I'll send one to you.

In other news, for anyone who's annoyed by LJ's latest narrowly averted offense ("Oh, you noticed we had coded making "gender" both binary and required for signup? We weren't really going to send that live, don't be silly!") and who would like to set up a Dreamwidth account, as a conversion or just a backup, or for anyone else who wants a DW code for that matter, I've got like 12 invite codes available; if you want one, let me know an email address to send one to.

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