michelel72 (michelel72) wrote,

Beta needed: SGA fic "Relationship"

Anybody out there up for a beta job? This one may be problematic, and I may have to head over to the beta-search comms: It's got major content/spoiler warnings (possible trigger stuff), and it's not a nice story. I (think I) didn't bash any characters or pairings, but any McKay/Keller OTPers would probably not enjoy it. It's set at the end of season five and it's only 8.7k words, which is practically a drabble coming from me. SPaG is always appreciated, but as far as I know that's all fine; I'm primarily looking for voice, structure, characterization, bashing-avoidance, and general/overall feedback.

I've put the spoiler-content warnings below, within both LJ-cut and spoiler bars, if anyone's tempted but needs to be sure of what they're getting into first.

Warning content category: (skip) Sexual taboos
Warning content level: (skip) Implied; averted/ended
Specific content warning: (skip) Inadvertent potential incest
Summary: An unexpected report changes everything.
Tags: fanfic_meta

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